Show The Love // Medical Field Workers

While everything around us seems to be changing on a daily or hourly basis, we know a few things are unchanging; we have a God we can trust, He is constant, and He has empowered us through His Spirit to be the church. 

That being said, we have some ways we believe we can mobilize our church family to be a blessing to our community. We can’t help but acknowledge the pressing demand being placed on those in the medical field, and we have quite a large population of those in our midst. While we cannot lessen their load, we can find ways to tangibly bless and encourage them as well as their families as they pour so much of themselves out to keep us all safe.

How Can You Help?
We will be collecting donations of gift cards, handwritten notes, treats, chocolates, and activity books / games for those with kids at home to be added to a care package. 

Drop Off Times and Locations

  • Union Coffee // Thursday, March 26th from 10AM -12PM
  • Kroc Center Parking Lot // Sunday, March 29th 12-2PM
  • Union Coffee // Tuesday, March 31st from 10AM -12PM

Check back here for more Show the Love Opportunities 


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