Connect With Us
Are you ready to get involved at Anthem? We would love to help you connect to people and serving opportunities that will help you follow Jesus, build relationships, and contribute to the life of the church.


Join A Team Serving Others 

One of the best ways to meet people, develop relationships, and grow as a follower of Christ is to serve the local church.  There are many opportunities for you to get involved serving at Anthem. If you are interested in joining a serve team, click the link below and fill out the form so we can know the areas in which you’d like to help.


Anthem communities are smaller groups of people gathering to connect more intentionally throughout the week. Jesus placed a high value on discipleship and considered this to be essential to the Christian life.  Discipleship happens best through a relational commitment to one another in which we begin to encourage and challenge each other to become more like Jesus. If you’re interested in connecting with a community at Anthem, follow the link to find out more.



Join Us Wednesdays  

Anthem Youth is a collective of Youth Communities that gather together weekly for worship, teaching and to build relationships with one another. Anthem Youth currently meets on Wednesdays, 6-8PM at Anthem Church in Hayden. 

If you are interested in joining a Youth Community or you would like more information on how to get involved, please fill out one of the forms below and our Youth Director will be in contact with you.

Anthem Kids

At Anthem Church, it is our vision and mission to be “All About Jesus”.  At Anthem Kids, we believe that Jesus was intentional in His care and love for children.  Throughout Jesus’ life on this earth, He welcomed the children into His arms, often when others tried to push them away. He cared for them, believed them to be worthy, and considered them fully capable to understand the simplicities of His kingdom in ways adults often overlooked. We believe, as Jesus did, that kids are not the future Church, they are the Church.  It is our desire to give the same attention and love to children that Christ modeled for us. If you are interested in getting involved with Anthem Kids please click the button below, there are always areas we could use help.