Future Home of Anthem CDA

623 E Wallace Ave.  Coeur D’ Alene ID

Our Vision

Anthem CDA launched in 2019 with a vision to take what was a multi-campus church in Hayden and CDA and particularize them into two autonomous churches in two distinct areas of our county. This vision was birthed out of a desire to plant churches in neighborhoods throughout Kootenai County, and to create gospel footprints throughout our community that occupied the places where people lived, worked, and played.  

We acknowledged the fact that we weren’t called to build one massive church that everybody drove long distances to attend but to create multiple churches in various parts of our community where people lived. In our pursuit to solidify a Jesus presence in downtown CDA, the property at 7th & Wallace became a compelling and promising opportunity to help us achieve our vision.  

After much work and prayerful discernment, we are so excited to share our path forward to make this property Home for our church and many ministry efforts to come!

Conceptual Floor Plan

This image is an initial floor plan of a site layout. As we continue to work with our architects, engineers, and contractors,
this plan may be modified. We will keep this image updated to the most current plan until our permit and plans are
approved by the City.


  • 3rd week of May – Begin drawings
  • 2nd week of July – Submit for a permit
  • 2nd week of Aug – Break ground on construction
  • 2nd week of Nov – Obtain final inspection/occupancy permit


Why this building? Why downtown?

One strong component of Anthem’s vision is to Seek the Good of the City. Part of what that means is to be in the city, to have a pulse on what is happening, and to be a presence in the community. Like an effective missionary, we desire to live amongst the people, while also being the people others want to be with. The Lord has called this church to enter into real life and real relationships with people looking to be known and loved. This will propel us to sacrifice in order to be in town. We will be a light not hidden, but present for all to see.

Are there other options? 

Anthem has explored a number of options throughout the years and continues to seek the leading of the Spirit when it comes to facility decisions. We are unwavering in our identity and convictions, but we always hold tools open-handedly. We believe the Lord has led us to this opportunity and we want to be wise and faithful stewards of that gift. If we’re ever called to re-tool, our desire is to be agile enough to pivot as the Lord directs, so we are always mindful and open to exploring any and all options to accomplish our mission. With the wise counsel of many on our building committee, stewards team, and elders, this property offers an amazing opportunity to pursue our ministry calling downtown.

What about parking limitations?

We are incredibly blessed to have one of the larger, privately owned parking lots in the downtown corridor. Between two services, and with over 50 parking spots, we will be able to handle the majority of our parking needs for each service. The ample street parking, especially available on non-peak hours on a Sunday morning, should be more than adequate to serve our needs. However, street parking can become a concern during heavy winter storms. We are working on ideas to accommodate snow removal in and around our city block to accommodate for those scenarios while also delivering on our mission to truly be a blessing to our surrounding neighbors! Of our 50 or so spaces, we will be prioritizing those spaces to those needing special considerations such as seniors, young families, new attendees, and others needing special assistance. This provides another opportunity for selfless love and hospitality to extend to those with greater need!

How will we accommodate growth?

Our hope is in Jesus and our guide is His Spirit. As we are faithful with the little He gives us, He will also provide the means to resource us as we grow in need. This property, and its surroundings, offer some opportunities for a healthy amount of growth and expansion. However, two important points: First, our heart is to see more churches planted in and around our community, so if the Lord provides opportunities to launch campuses in areas closer to the neighborhoods of some of our attendees, we will be pursuing those. Second, we believe the Lord will provide the means to either pursue expansion on this property, or He will lead us to a new toolset to continue the work He has commissioned us for. This building, and any other, is just a tool. The Lord is always faithful to provide for what we need. 

How are we funding this?

By the Lord’s blessing, and through an entire community of people who are bought-in to the vision of Anthem, we have raised the funds to tackle much of this renovation work to bring this project to fruition. To purchase the building, the church financed $2 million that it hopes to pay down over the next few years. We continually seek to partner with those who share the vision to bring the Good News of Jesus to the heart of downtown Coeur d’Alene and be a light in its City Square.

Information on this page will be updated as we new information develops

If you have specific questions regarding this building project please email them to buildingquestions@anthemcda.com